Servant King Prison Ministries

Sam & Wanda Merkle (Our Founders) with their daughter Brandi

Sam Merkle

Sam's Family

Wanda Merkle

Sam's Family


Who We Are

Sam & Wanda Merkle (Our Founders) with their daughter Brandi
Along with many hard working volunteers and fellow followers of Christ!

"Servant King is a Prison and Street Ministry"

A local independent Christian Ministry based in Warner Robins, Georgia.
A nonprofit corporation registered in the State of Georgia.

Sam and Wanda Merkle live in Warner Robins Ga.
They have one Son, John and a daughter, Brandi.
John is married to Nicole and they have one daughter, Peyton Lynn and one son, Caleb William.

What We Do

We take the Gospel of Jesus Christ behind Prison Walls and out into the Streets.

(Anywhere we can find those the world has thrown away)

We befriend and get to know the incarcerated and their families, the drug addicted and those who wander the streets lost, without hope. We show them in the word of God how the power of God by Grace through Faith in His Son Jesus Christ can save them and how obedience to His teachings under the guidance of His Holy Spirit will transform their lives.

When we are able, we minister to their physical needs as well, showing them the compassion for others that comes from a life of servitude to Jesus Christ.

We help set up "Reformers Unanimous" inside Prisons for consistent year-round discipleship under God’s Word
We write and perform original music and we write and produce original films. We are currently working on a New Television Series Entitled: "Counterfeit" based on
Romans 8:28 and 1st John 2:18,19

Why We Do It

Sam has spent over 10 years in trouble with the law.

4 separate probations, 8 county jails across 3 states, 3 different halfway houses in 3 different counties and finally 1 Prison located out in the dessert of Colorado where his wife divorced him, took their children and moved away. He has seen and experienced first hand what a life of self indulgence and disregard for the things of God has to offer.

Maybe the saddest part of Sam's life is how many years he spent going to church, saying all the things church people say and doing all the things church people do, only to wind up in a prison cell in solitary confinement and come face to face with a hard truth...

He Did Not Know God
He He Had Never Been Born Again
He Did Not Really Believe or place His Trust in Christ

It had all been words. Just words, uttered out of the mouth of a man who meant well, but was basing his salvation on an emotional feeling. Wanting to be good and wanting to do good things. Following the lead of well meaning Christians in hopes that calling on the name of Jesus would fix what ailed him...

All along he was missing the key ingredient: Belief!

You can't fake it with God, He knows the heart, It is only God who can open the eyes of the blind and give life to the dead and when God opened Sam's eyes to the truth that night in solitary confinement over eight years ago, God took his heart of stone and replaced it with a heart of flesh and Sam...

"Became a different man"

Praise the Lord!

Sam is not perfect and he has a long road of sanctification ahead of him. But now God is with him and teaching him through His Word, the ways of righteousness. How to live a holy life, placing the welfare of others above himself. God has restored his family and the relationships with his wife and children.

And now God has given Him a mission:

Go back into the Prisons, go out into the streets, and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The real Gospel, the one that says salvation comes only by Grace through faith in Jesus Christ. The one that says we are all headed to hell if we don't repent and call on the name of the Lord. The Gospel that says:

This is serious
It is not a game
Things will not magically work out...
We all need God!

This is why Sam is a Missionary to
"The Worlds Throw-Aways"

Wanda has lived over 25 years in addiction.

She started Drinking Alcohol and Smoking Cigarettes at the age of 13. That quickly escelated to the use of Marijuana, Cocaine, Meth and Prescription pain pills.

She used these Drugs as a way to cope with the stresses of this life instead of turning to the God her parents taught her about.

Her Story is similar to Sam's in the reguard that she was in and out of Church her whole life too, but never seemed to make it very long before diving right back into her addictions.

Then one day she met a man she thought she could trust to make her life better and worth living again without all the substances she had been clinging to for so long.

That man seemed to be a gift from God.

Right up until the day he abandoned her and their children by getting sent to prison.

Now, without a husband to provide for her and no job of her own, her situation quickly turned for the worse. She fell faster, harder and further than she ever had and ended up alone back in her addictions and out in the streets. Living with her kids in the back of her pick up truck. The worse her situation got, the stronger the hold the drugs had on her. This time they were here to stay.

There seemed to be only one way out: DEATH...

But God had other plans!

One day seemingly out of the blue she heard a voice, a still small voice that said,

"Trust in Me"

All those years of heartache and turmoil vanished in an instant. Her fears were traded for hope and her tears of sorrow for tears of joy. God had opened her eyes and she could finally see. Ofcourse her life hasn't been easy since then either, but God has been teaching her through His Word and together with her husband, Sam, under the authority of God, they are building a life together with their children that neither one of them ever believed possible. God has restored to them more than was ever lost and is blessing their children as well.

God has also given Wanda a mission.

She knows what it is like to lose her spouse to crime and the justice system. She knows what it's like to try to raise two kids on her own. She knows what it's like to lose herself in addictions, hoping for relief that never comes.


Now she is at her husband's side, taking the gospel and Christ's message of hope to the families of the incarcerated. Taking Christ's promise of freedom to the addicted. Giving her life for

"The World's Throw-Aways"

Where We Do It

In The Georgia Prison System &
The Highways and byways all throughout the State Of Georgia.