Servant King Prison Ministries


Long State Prison

We visit Long State Prison every Friday from 2pm till 5pm. During this time we teach "Recovery Through God's Truth" during the Reformers Insitutional Program (RIP) a Christ Centered Addictions Program.

The Picture above is of a well trained crime fighting unit. The Warden and his staff, along with the inmates and their families are fighting crime with the only weapon that actually works...The Gospel of Jesus Christ! They believe as we do, that when a person has a genuine encounter with the God of the Universe, "old things are passed away, all things become new". Through diligent study of God's word and the leading of the Holy Spirit, men and women are being reconciled with their God! Families are being restored. Relationships that seemed beyond hope are being healed as if they had never been broken...Praise the Lord God almighty for His mercy and grace and the selfless love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

What an amazing weekend at Long state prison! It would surprise many to know that The warden, his staff, and the entire inmate population worked together in one accord to pull off one of the rarest events you will ever see inside prison walls...Inmate Family Day! Not your typical family experience where a few "highly supervised" family individuals would be allowed to attend a small ceremony acknowledging the graduation of an inmate from some program or other, while good things themselves, no this was an all out block party! (Pardon the Pun) While still under supervision of course, the inmates and their families were encouraged to let their hair down and treat the place like home.
There were carnival games, hamburgers and hotdogs, baked beans, salad, cole slaw, banana pudding, cakes, cup cakes, pies, candy, sodas, snow cones, cotton candy, ice cream, balloons for all the children, a live band, a choir, and a ceremony where the inmates took the Courageous challenge and signed resolutions before God and their families that they would never again be the men that they were but from here on out be the men God wanted them to be! Both for Him and the families that He had entrusted them with.

These men are growing stronger in the faith everyday and have asked for your prayers to help them with the challenges they face here in this environment. Remember Prison is a very dark place and a believer must be diligent in his efforts to protect his heart from the evils of this world. You will not find too many places with a thicker concentration of evils than behind prison walls...